Caringo Swarm Now Compatible with Microsoft Azure Cloud

ereseller | January 15, 2016 | Web Hosting News


Caringo Swarm, software-defined object storage, has released a version that is compatible with Microsoft Azure Cloud, creating new capabilities that weren’t possible before, including analyzing petabytes of data in a seamless, organized way.

Swarm is designed to ‘decouple’ the data from hardware or applications. It dumps all the data together, then organizes it in new and protected ways that abide by policy procedures and regulations, making it easier to analyze such large amounts of data.

And even though Microsoft Azure already has object storage, the VP of Product at Caringo, Tony Barbagallo, wrote in a blog post about additional capabilities Swarm offers, “These capabilities include WORM, Lifepoints to control when an object can be deleted, and chain-of-custody tracking and reporting.”

Swarm is now offering up to 32 TBs of storage to Microsoft Azure users who want to give it a try.

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