Does Your Website Run Fast Enough?

ereseller | October 26, 2015 | Web Hosting News

Fast Loading Website

In the online world, speed it everything. Nobody wants to wait for a website to load. In fact, you have about 3 seconds to capture each visitor’s attention when they visit your site. If it takes 5 to 8 seconds for your site to load, they may already be gone.

Fast-loading websites are favored by visitors and by search engines. Both Google and Bing have admitted that load times factor into the overall ranking of websites with their algorithms. Anything more than three seconds is simply unacceptable.

Checking your Load Times


Before you start making changes to make your site load faster, check your load times with or Both will show you how quickly your site loads and if you need to make changes.

What if My Site is Slow?

If your website loads slowly, there are a few things you can do to make it load faster. Those using WordPress can add a few performance plugins, such as a cache plugin and an image optimizing plugin for faster load times. You can also minimize redirects, get rid of error pages and turn off any plugins you are not using.

Sometimes, the theme you are using causes slower …read more

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