Make Your Website More Professional With these 7 Things

ereseller | March 15, 2017 | Web Hosting News

Professional Website Design

Have you ever stumbled upon one of those websites that looks like it dates back to 1995? Maybe it has a ton of ads on it or just looks incredibly clutters. This could be the description of your website.

If your website is clutters, looks like it was designed a decade ago or has some other specific flaws, most of your visitors may be skeptical about what you offer. Did you know that 75% of those visiting websites judge the company based on how it looks?

When you don’t use a high quality website with a good, professional design, you are putting forth an ugly face of your business online. Here are seven things you can change to make your website look and act more professional than it does right now.

Poor Design

This is a bit of a blanket statement, as your site could be designed well in one area, but not in another. If your site looks outdated, has too much clutter or it’s hard to navigate, it’s time to update the design.

Design issues cause people to leave very quickly, which leads to a high bounce rate. This will, in turn, create a lower conversion rate, which is never a …read more

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